Assisting you through HP Printer Assistant

HP has been leading the market when it comes to providing quality products like laptops, printers, and other related accessories. HP is the only company that offers software that is exclusively designed for helping and guiding people to overcome any and every technical issue/s that may arise. The list of software programs go long but a few can be named here as HP Printer Assistant, HP Power Manager, HP Recovery Manager, HP Advisor, HP Support Assistant, HP Scan Doctor, HP Wireless Assistant, etc. This read is going to give you a clear insight into what HP Printer Assistant is about, how you can download it on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and what happens when the software encounters issues.

Functions of the HP Printer Assistant

HP Printer Assistant is known to be a printer management software that is world-renowned and the most recommended by the brand itself. Enlisted are the functions of this software

  • Effectively takes care of all printing tasks
  • Helps in improving the performance of your printers
  • Helps you keep track of print papers used
  • Helps in keeping track of the ink levels on printers
  • Provides scanning services for all images and documents
  • Helps in better communication of printers and devices
  • Looks after prints with an in-built technology feature
  • Helps in fixing any and every print-related issue/s
  • Lets your print drivers update automatically

Download HP Printer Assistant software

HP Printer Assistant has been created to take care of every print-related tasks including checking ink levels, ordering for required print supplies, and so much more. This section gives you a detailed procedure of how you can download the software on your systems:

  1. Ensure detaching the printer’s USB cable.
  2. Power up your computer device.
  3. Get into the official HP webpage online.
  4. Hit on “HP Software and Drivers Download”.
  5. Provide the model number on the printer.
  6. Manage your default operating system.
  7. Confirm the validity of the in-use printer.
  8. Go for the option reading “Download”.
  9. Hit on “Typical/Recommended” install.

Note: An alternative to this is you can directly go to the page that has been carefully crafted for the software.

HP Printer Assistant for Windows 10

Windows is the default operating system that is pre-installed on every HP laptop. When you download the HP Printer Assistant on Windows 10 it can prove to be of great advantage. It will enhance the printer’s performance and will help in improving the user experience. On your Windows system, the software will get generated from the printer setup and will round up with the existing print drivers. It simply increases the utility any user can get from the software.

HP Printer Assistant download for Mac

HP laptops are known to have in-built Windows operating systems, and even though HP Printer Assistant is the most recommended software, it isn’t available for MAC users. However, MAC users haven’t been disappointed despite this. HP came up with another service that can help in improving and/or enhancing the print experience for users who have MAC operating systems- the HP Smart App. It is made available for download and installation on the Apple App Store for your computer or mobile devices by Apple. Besides Apple users, Android operating systems are compatible with the HP Smart App too.

HP Printer Assistant for Chromebook

It is said that when IPP Everywhere is compatible or is supported by HP Printers, users might not need to go through the setup process. If required, you only have to select the in-use printer model and send print tasks. You can always check if your printers are compatible with IPP Everywhere by visiting the official site online. Besides this, several HP Printers are built to support printing via operating systems. However, this requires the HP Linux Imaging and Printing project that is commonly abbreviated as HPLIP. One of the pre-requisites of this print process is that all the printers must be added via Chrome’s printer settings. You can even check the compatibility of your printers for HPLIP on the official webpage online.

HP Printer Assistant scan to computer

This section will help you scan documents and images via your HP Printers. All you have to do is visit their official software and driver site online to download and install the full feature versions. Now, once you’ve completed the setup on your printer, open HP Printer Assistant for scanning. However, when you are using Windows, search for the model name or number of your printer to launch the software, go for the option space that reads “Scan”, and then choose between “Scan a Document or Photo” to move further in the process.

HP Printer Assistant won’t open

There might be times when you find HP Printer Assistant not working. Several causes can reach up to situations like these but, it isn’t anything that cannot be taken care of. Thus, listed below are a few things you can do that will lead you to your way out of these issues:

  • Try disconnecting your HP Printers from the devices and then reconnecting them.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the HP Printer Assistant from your device.
  • Download and install all the latest print drivers for your HP Printers on their website.
  • Unplug and re-plug both computer devices and HP printers for improvements.
  • Windows built-in printer driver should be given a try to solve these issues too.


HP Printer Assistant is known to be the most efficient and effective software for printer management that lets you enhance the printer performance by keeping track of paper usage, print time, print, quality checking levels of ink, and even ordering print supplies. The above-detailed read is to help and guide you through the download and installation procedure of the software and its various aspects.