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Their products are spread across the globe and are extremely appreciated by their users. Their printers come in several variants and offer different printing features to fit the user’s preferences. These printers are crafted with hi-tech features and new technologies to stay up-to-date with the changing world and its needs. However, there are times when users need to go to HP Printer support.

Their support services are directed towards providing solutions to the problems that users may have faced while using the printer. So, even with the best and unique technical advancements, and hi-tech features HP Printers have been facing issues but has never failed to provide effective customer support services and solutions. Let’s look at the common issues that users encounter while using HP Printers, the reasons that lead to those issues, the HP Printer Support services and contact details, and a little about the printer support get human.

Issues that require HP Printer technical support

Let’s look at a few common issues that users face and often feel the need to get in touch with the HP Printer support:

  • Jamming in the paper tray
  • Faded prints on every paper
  • Print ghosting
  • Instability of paper toner
  • 4 Error message on the printer
  • Lost drivers for some operating system
  • No prints on the expected tray

Causes to the issues

Although you can simply go and ask for help from HP printer support, you might sometimes want to know what causes these issues in the first place. The most common reason behind this inexperience can be any one of these- the incompatibility with the operating system and invalid or wrong printer drivers. It has also been observed that often a lot of printers do not function at their best because of unreliable internet or network connection of the users. There are many more reasons that ends with directing the users to seek help from the HP Printer support team.

Paper trays can be dirty or there can be wrong paper type, the printer is set to low density, there’s not enough toner, there can be issues with the power outlet, ink refilling, cartridge installation error and several other reasons. However, if your printer driver is wrong you can fix the issue simply by visiting and feeding in the model number of your printer. But, other than this issue it is advised to always connect with the HP Printer support team for a better, more professional, easy and effective solution to your problems.

HP Printer support phone number

Phone Number for HP Printer support can easily be found on their official site online. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right number to make a call on. That is because the HP Printer Support team has different numbers that they operate from. Consumer or Home printer issues are addressed with one number and commercial or business printer issues are addressed with another number.

HP customer service phone number get human

HP printer tech support phone number also makes your experience with solving problems much easier with the Get Human feature. You can call on their number and on following the prompts you will instantly be connected to an individual to help with your query. Other than this you can visit to get more details on their HP Printer support services. Also, you can go to to track the status of your tech support. There are a few other services that HP offers its users to help them solve their “HP Printer not printing” issue- HP support assistant, HP solution center, and HP scan doctor.


It is unavoidable that you do not face any issues with your printers. Machines are liable for experiencing troubles. But with HP Printer support you can solve any problem that you face with your printers. Mentioned above are the details of their Customer support features and with the HP Printer tech support phone number, solving these issues will be a simple task.

You can try installing the correct drivers that suit your operating system. And there are other services by HP that might help you with all your problems like their solution center, scan doctor, and support assistant. You can get in touch with them via voice calls, writing emails about the issue, or simply trying their live chat feature that lets you interact with a certified agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit their official HP printer support page and get the phone number to make a call and there are different numbers for home users and business users. You can also chat live with their professional agents. Listed below are the timings:

  1. Voice calls- Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM (excluding the public holidays).
  2. Live Chat- Monday to Saturday starting from 9 AM to 7 PM (excluding the public holidays).

HP offers three major methods for their support. You can get help via voice calls, writing emails to them or by the live chat feature on their online platform.

  1. Get the printing material opened on your device.
  2. Hit on the “Action” or “Share” option you see.
  3. Go for the option that says “Email”.
  4. Type in the address to your printer.
  5. Ensure filling the subject area.
  6. Move ahead and hit on the “Send” option.

HP provides a Technical assistance center for their customers and professional certified technicians who use phone calls or other electronic communication devices to access the technical specialists (HP Level 2). You can also get help from the HP SmartFriend.

Visit the official HP tech support page and call on the given number. However, there are different numbers allotted to the support team handling consumer product queries and to the support team that handles commercial product queries.